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VENTA::: Yamaha Tyros4,2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3,Roland Fantom-G8

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BRAND NEW::: Yamaha Tyros4, 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3, Roland Fantom-G8

standard Warranty: Our company brand new product comes with 2years original

manufacturer warranty with company approved seal of authenticity for your best


SHIPPING PROCEDURE: FedEx / DHL UPS Courier service....
Delivery time: within 2 working

days wish is 48hours only.

All our product are well packed and sealed for security reasons.
All our products come

in their original sealed box direct from the factory.
All product prices are otiable if buying in bulk quantity..

For a long time, we are in pursuit of Latest products, Fastest shipment, Lowest price,

we are also always here to support you!!

Yamaha CP300 88-Key Digital Piano..900.00 EUR
Yamaha Motif XS8 88-Key Keyboard1000.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros2 61-Key Keyboard.850.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros3 88-Key Keyboard.1100.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros4 88-Key Keyboard.2000.00 EUR
Yamaha CP300 88-Key Digital Piano..700.00 EUR

Suzuki 10 Student SP-47 Keyboard Lab.950.00 EUR
Suzuki 5 Student SP-47 Keyboard Lab.650.00 EUR

Korg M3 73 73-key Workstation/Sampler.................620.00 EUR
Korg Triton Extreme 76-Key Keyboard.550.00 EUR
Korg TR88 88-key Workstation ....................450.00 EUR
Korg OASYS 88 88-Key Workstation ...........2100.00 EUR
Korg M3 61 61-key Workstation.........................600.00 EUR
Korg PA50 Arranger Workstation..............300.00 EUR
KORG PA800 PRO ARRANG ..................650.00 EUR

Roland Fantom-G8 88-key Sampling Synth Workstation..............1200.00 EUR
Roland Fantom-G7 76-key Sampling Synth Workstation...............1100.00 EUR
Roland Fantom-XR 128-Voice Expandable Synthesizer............600.00 EUR

2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 MIXER DJ PACKAGE .
1500 euros
2x Pioneer CDJ-400 CDJ400 & 1 x DJM-400 MIXER .
700 euros
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 PLAYER ..
400.00 EUR
800 Pioneer CDJ-MK2 PLAYER .00 EUR
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2 PLAYER ..
200.00 EUR
Pioneer DJM 1000th ..
450.00 EUR
Pioneer DJM 800th .
500.00 EUR
Pioneer DJM 600th 300.00 EUR
Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD ..
450.00 EUR
Pioneer SVM-1000 Digital Video Mixer ..
900.00 EUR

All our company Musical Instruments are brand new original which comes with its complete accsories sealed in its original box with 1 years international



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