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Hello Applicant's,

Gallery Hotel Ltd London, is a consolidated and tourism Hotel which is presently here in London, UK as the head department and head of the office in the whole world..

This is to inform job seekers of new active vacancies in our database Hotel here in London.
Any interested applicant that has up to two years working experience, Applicants must be up to 18 years above.Applicants should embark on sending curriculum vitae to us for immediate screening.

For your information, the hotel now needs a list/group of 10-100 men and women to fill in the vacancies who can work and live in london .

The vacancies and the salaries: 1.
Car wash 2.
Cleaning/house keeping/steward 3.
Sales 4.
Receptionist 5.
Public relations 6.
Hospitality management 7.
Food & beverage management 8.
Store keeper 9.
Restaurant services 10.
Waiters/waitresses 11.
Culinary theory 12.
Mechanical engineering 13.
Mechanics for heavy equipments .
Auto engineering 15.
Electrical & electronics specialist 16.
It specialist 17.
Telecom 18.
Landscape & graphic designer 19.
Computer operators 20.
Dentist 21.
Computer engineering 22.
Driving 23.
Administrative secretaries/assistants 24.
Administrative managers 25.
Team leaders 26.
Medical doctors 27.
Hotel nurse 28.
Message therapist 29.
Dental technician 30.
Caregiver 31.
Hairdresser/barber 32.
Accountants 33.
Accounting clerk 34.
Accounts payable clerk 35.
Accounts receivable clerk 36.
Auditor 37.
Finance manager 38.
Cashier 39.
Reservation agent 40.
Security 41.
Safety officer 42.
Safety manager 43.
Concierge 44.
Human resources coordinator 45.
Human resources secretary 46.
Human resources manager 47.
Human resources assistant 48.
Chef de cuisine 49.
Kitchen staff 50.
Chief de partie 51.
Cook 52.
Guest ser.agent/front off desk clerk 53.
Customer service 54.
Bell- attendant 55.
Typist 56.

The above are the only vacancies that we require interested applicants to occupy as soon as possible..
If you are interested in any of the jobs, kindly get back to us before the opportunities are taken.
The hotel will pay for flight ticket and while applicants will be responsible for immigration service and clearance approval from the london employment.

Benefits: competitive benefits package available such as Life insurance, vacation, hotel discounts, regular performance, evaluations, free medical, feeding and accommodation....
We have this high range of employment to applicants because we needed higher qualified applicants whom can be able to comply with the hotel terms and conditions.Any interested applicant should send his/her cv Immediately so as to proceed further.

We assist in processing of all our newly hired & employed Applicant's UK Resident Work-Permit Card, UK Entry Visa, UK Anti-Terrorist Card with other relevant benefits which a non UK Citizen and foreign staff would need to retain & sustain here in London, UK etc…


Best Regard's..
Kelly Morrison
Hotel Management..
Gallery Hotel Ltd London, UK..

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