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études de marché en France - Sept-Dec 2009

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MarketingPRO Srl ( ) is an Italian marketing service company well active in the area of market surveys at international level.

We are starting a market survey in France in the automotive industry.
We are looking for a professional contact person being interested and have an active role in the project in France.

In specific:

We want the contact person to gather public retail prices of a precise list of spare parts.
Just to make and example, we provide the person with a part number short-list of parts (like oil filter insert, water pump, wiper blades and so on…) of specific car models.
The contact person will take contact with official outlets of spare parts shops and get the retail price of the above mentioned short-list of parts.

We look for a person that, during the period of September-December 2009 can organise him / herself to do the price detection.
The person can organise the time-investment needed.
It is not important to have experience within the automotive industry.
It is of paramount importance to be a reliable and professional person.
We’ll keep in touch through e-mails mainly.
A reliable university student could be fine, for instance.
Part timers are ok as well and also reliable workers able to dedicate some spare time to the project, beside their normal job occupation (journalist, for example).
We look for an extrovert person, able to build-up good relationships on the market.

We offer the possibility of a long term co-operation (cyclic survey), the chance of gaining good money and the chance of being part of a international circuit of consultants to be involved in market surveys.
We also offer field training: we’ll join the person in France in order to bring our project experience after doing such survey in 30 countries around the world.

In case both parties are satisfied with the above mentioned co-operation, we can offer, all the year round, involvement in other survey projects in your country.

Project timing for France regards a start-up in September, with project completion due for December.

Please consider our availability to provide you with further details in case of interest: contact

MarketingPRO S.r.l.

Piazza Villafranchetta, 3
379 Villafranca (VR)
+39 045 7902578
+39 045 6263

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