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Iphone 4g@280€, Xperia X10@220€, Ipad, Nokia+others..
Bonanza!! Bonanza!! Bonanza!! We Global Communications Limited is offering bonanza for all our selling products including i phone 4g, Sony Erickson xperia 10, Nokia, Nikon and others.

For our bonanza prices see below, get iphone 4g as low as 280€, Nokia N900 220€ and more.
We The Global Communications Limited gives you the full confidence and courageous for further transactions after a good and successful deal.With its company located in London, united kingdom.GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS LTD is one of the successful trading company in the united kingdom and have a good reputation, we deal in any brands of mobile phones unlock, PDA, XDA, IPAD, Ipod, digital cameras, LCD, Plasma tv, video games, Laptops of various kinds and other electronic products.

We supply to companies and whole sellers on fast delivery depending on your request.

Sell below some of our bonanza prices:

Apple Iphone 4g 32gb
1unit of Apple Iphone 4g 32gb-280€
2units of Apple Iphones 4g 32gb-500€
3units of Apple Iphones 4g 32gb-600€
10units of Apple Iphones 4g 32gb-1200€
20 Units of apple iphone 4 32gb: 1800 €
50 units of apple iphone 4 32gb: 2300 €
100 units of apple iphone 4 32gb: 4000€
Apple Ipad wifi 3g 64gb
1unit of Apple Ipad 64gb 2010- €200
2units of Apple Ipad 64gb 2010 - €3500
3units of Apple Ipad 64gb 2010 - €500
10 units of Apple Ipad 64gb 2010 - €1000
50 units of apple ipad 3g wifi 64gb-2150€
100 units of apple ipad 3g wifi 64gb-3500€

Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB
1unit of Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB - € 190
2units of Apple iphone 3G S 32GB - € 350
3units of Apple iphone 3G S 32GB - € 450
4units of Apple iphone 3G S 32GB - € 550
10units of Apple Iphone 3G S 32gb - €900
1unit of Apple iPhone 3G S 16GB - € 180
2units of Apple iphone 3G S 16GB - € 300
3units of Apple iphone 3G S 16GB - € 400
4units of Apple iphone 3G S 16GB - € 500
10units of Apple Iphone 3G S 16gb - €800
1unit of Apple 3g iphone 16gb - € 190
2units 3g Apple iphone 16gb- € 300
4units 3g Apple iphone 16gb - € 400
10units of Apple Iphone 3G 16gb - € 900
Nokia X6 32gb
1unit of Nokia X6 32gb- € 220
2units of Nokia x6 - € 350
3units of Nokia x6 - € 500
4units of Nokia x6 - € 600
1unit of Nokia N900 - € 200
2units of Nokia N900 - € 430
3units of Nokia N900 - € 530
4units of Nokia N900 - € 600
Sony Xperia X10- 220euros

Contact us for any product you are interested for price and shipping procedure.
Understand that this is our bonanza price and can end any time.

Delivery time is 3days to European/American/Asia/Africa and others
Shipment are made through DHL/Fedex or Ups.

Shipping Prices depends on the country but we give countries in Europe free shipping for clients buying from 3 units of any product.

We give return policy of 60days to our customers and 1 year international warranty.

Business hour:
Monday - Friday = 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday = 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

If you are buying in bulk orders, prices are quite negotiable, do feel free to contact through our after checking our company website for any product you are interested in.

Company Information's for more enquirer:
Company Reg No.
Phone: +447045750518
Contact Email :

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