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turnable dj mixer 1000

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Product Description

High Sound Quality Design
Analog signals are transmitted via the shortest possible path and converted to digital signals by a high quality 24 bit/96 kHz A/D converter, thus passing the signals to the digital mixing stage under optimum conditions.
Through the use of a 32 bit DSP, mixing is achieved with zero sound quality degradation for professional DJs working in clubs.
To get the most from these features, a great deal of care has been paid to perfecting the sound quality, including a high-rigidity chassis to cut down unnecessary vibrations that might affect the sound.
Together with a highperformance power section using an R-core transformer, the DJM-1000 has clear and powerful sound ideal for club performances.

3 Band Isolator
A built-in 3-band isolator is capable of producing level control of -infinity dB to +6 dB on each band.

2-System, 3-Type SEND/RETURN
A 2-system, 3-type SEND/RETURN (PRE INSERT/POST INSERT/AUX) is provided to allow multiple connection variations with external devices, such as effectors and samplers, thus widening the range of DJ play potential.

Fader Curve Adjust
The fader curve adjust allows adjustment not only of the cross fader curve (as on former models), but also of the channel fader curve.
Both faders’ functions can be adjusted within 17 steps so that DJs can customize the settings to their own preferred response.
• Optional Rotary Knobs are available for smooth mixing

Digital IN/OUT
Using digital input connectors supporting multiple sampling rates (44.1/48/96 kHz), a system can be built in which no sound quality degradation occurs when connecting to external digital devices.
A DIGITAL OUT connector with a 24 bit/96 kHz sampling rate is provided, facilitating recording at studios and other situations demanding high sound quality.
Supports only linear PCM.

MIDI signals can be output to allow MIDI control of external devices.

Digital Link Function
Multiple functions can be performed by using digital link cables to connect other PIONEER DJ CD players, DJ effectors and AV mixers.
Connected to a visual mixer using the midi output, you can control the cross fade of the video mixer simply by cross fading the audio on the DJM-1000.

Other Features
# Fader Start Available on ALL 6 Channels: By using a control cable to connect the unit to a PIONEER DJ CD player, playback can be started on the CD player in automatic linkage to operation of the fader (“fader start play”).
# Built-in “3-band equalizer” on each channel allows level control within the range of -26 dB to +6 dB at each band.
# Features “2-band booth EQ” for control of booth monitor response, thus facilitating booth monitoring by the DJ.
# Built-in “cross fader assign” function, enables more flexible assigning of each channel’s input to the cross fader.
# Built-in “TALK OVER function” automatically lowers track volume during MIC-input.
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