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brand new apple iphone 5 64gb

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iPhone 5 - the most advanced, modern and desirable smartphone created iconic American company Apple.

More rapid , more delicate, more light , more attractive - it's the best iPhone from Apple!

Even to keep a smartphone in hand - is now a pleasure .
iPhone has an alluring subtle and pleasant ease, and look away from the chic picture display screen is very difficult.
With uncompromising image quality, every detail is perfectly visible in bright shade and real - just like in real life.
Imagine having a beautiful picture previous model iPhone 4S increased brightness, sharpness, color saturation - color up to 44% ! This is the perfect screen quality of your new daily assistant - chic and stylish iPhone 5 .

Created iPhone 5 aluminum and glass in two colors - black and white.
In any of these colors model exudes quality, emphasizing luxury iPhone 5.

Diagonal alluring iPhone 5 - perfect 4 inches with a resolution of 1136x640 pixels.
Viewing angles - wonderful, and the Home screen added an extra row of icons for quick access to the applications you use.
Touch-sensitive screen, of course, made ​​with care for the host iPhone - all very comfortable, even for someone who has to deal with the touch screen for the first time.

Performance with the new processor A6 has a two times higher than the iPhone 4S! Speed ​​processing of applications for gaming, working and surfing the internet is so high, that after such experiences other smartphones will create the impression of "the heavens and the earth." Just let yourself get used to the Best .

iOS 6 - the new, the most advanced operating system in the world, which allows iPhones to open all their abilities to the full and to show them every time you touch the screen smartphone.

Minimalistic design that thought every detail and every button - "calling card» Apple.
Promo smartphone iPhone 5 will be an important element of your unique style, giving it a more modern silhouette !

ISight camera to 8 megapixels - a real replacement, at least, an advanced compact camera.
Creating images on iPhone 5 is fun and exciting - how can you not want to take pictures of special moments or interesting and beautiful part of your day, when the quality is so high! It looks so real, as if he was in the picture.
In addition, the built-in ability panoramic shooting will dive into all the beautiful moments captured on your iPhone 5.
A front camera on the 1.2 megapixel for video calls to people close to shorten the distance with loved ones and family, making it possible is next to them at any time is an important and enjoyable life.

Music on iPhone 5 - is incredible! In developed new Apple headphones EarPods - a chic bonus for the owner of the iPhone 5, appreciates great sound.
EarPods sound noticeably higher quality than previous models of iPhone headphones and eventually create a new milestone in the development of the signature sound of Apple.
Enjoy the sounds of music, film, or shot on the iPhone 5 video in small, but powerful headphones from Apple, bundled with the iPhone 5.
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