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FOR SALE FLIR Scout PS32 Thermal Monocular Handheld Camera===$1,000 USD.

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FLIR Scout PS is available in two models, PS24 and PS32.
The major difference is the resolution; PS32 has a higher resolution than PS24 and can see farther and displays a clearer image.
Watch the videos below to learn more about the differences.

FOR SALE FLIR Scout PS32 Thermal Monocular Handheld Camera===$1, 000 USD.

BRAND NEW FLIR Scout PS24 Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular===$700 USD

BRAND NEW ATN PathFindIR W/LE Aftermarket Kit (NTSC) Thermal Imaging System, TICAPFIR30KAM1====$1, 350 USD

BRAND NEW ATN Eye-X50 Thermal Imaging Camera, TIMNX050==$1, 500 USD

BRAND NEW ATN Tiwsotis17c Thermal Multi-Purpose System====$3, 000 USD

BRAND NEW ATN TIMNX200 Rugged Slip-Resistant Grip Thermal Imaging Camera===$1, 800 USD

BRAND NEW ATN HS-324 Command 19 mm Thermal Imaging===$2, 200 USD

BRAND NEW ATN PS22-3P 3rd Gen.
Day - Night Vision System NVDNPS223P===$2, 100 USD.

This item is NEW: Everything we sell is new and in the manufacturer's original packing and covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
(We don't sell any used products.)

Manufacturers sometimes change their specs without notice.
We do our best to get all the specs exact, however if you are concerned about getting exact specifications, please consult the US before placing your order.
Need More Details Scroll down.

Hope that we can have a chance to cooperate with each other.And built the mutually beneficial business relationships.

Your earlier reply will be appreciated!

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Tel: +447031962738.

Moses Graham.

Sales Manager of the company...
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