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My name is Jonathan Sedgwick, 50, I work with the UK Border Agency as a director.My wife is Sarah, a medical doctor.We live on

Westerton Avenue, Bearsden, Glasgow, UK.We are looking for a honest aupair or nanny and also a driver to take care of our 2 boys

(James aged 3 and Tom aged 5.)

About Our Family
Our kids are fairly easy going and relaxed, they would enjoy someone with lots of energy and enthusiasm..
Having English as a

first language is not required and in fact, we would entertain the nanny speaking to them in
her own mother-tongue..
We only seek a Au pair and also a driver for basic child care and light housework.
If you accept to take a position with us,

you would be paid the sum of £3000 Monthly with a weekly pocket money of £200.
Hence we are doing everything that would

motivate the intending Aupair/ Nanny to put in her best in taking care of our children.
You shall have a private accommodation with furnished sitting room and bedroom and also a private bathroom.
A Fixed land

phone and an Internet ready computer.Do well to send us your references or resume & also an update picture of yourself, and

we would get in touch with you.
Should the outcome be positive, we would send you a Contract Letter.
We shall discuss travel

arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous assistance to you.
You can reach me on my personal mobile to

indicate your interest.
My email is(


Jonathan Sedgwick

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